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Mission Vision

OUR MISSION (what we are called to do):

The mission of NLCC is to bring new life to others though help, hope, and healing in Jesus Christ. This is accomplished by helping each individual find hope through encouraging them to discover spiritual healing in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

OUR VISION (what it looks like when we are fulfilling our mission):
We believe our mission is expressed through the five-fold ministry of the local church. This is expressed as follows:

* EXALT THE SAVIOR - Our primary purpose in our relationship with God is to worship Him. (Worship)

* EVANGELIZE THE SINNER - We share our faith to a world in need of a savior. (Evangelism)

* ENCOURAGE THE SAVED - We gather together in community to encourage one another in our personal journey of faith. (Community)

* EQUIP THE SERVANT - We disciple the believer by teaching them the essential truths of the faith. (Discipleship)

* EMPOWER THE SAINT - We embrace the work of the Holy Spirit as each believer utilizes the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit in ministry to the church. (Ministry)

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